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Works with Apple Reminders & Chat GPT

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Stay focused and never lose track of your tasks with LiveMinder!
Bring your Reminders and To-Do lists to the forefront, right on your Lock Screen, Notifications, Always On Display, and Dynamic Island. You can also generate them using ChatGPT!

LiveMinder is your perfect companion to enhance your productivity without replacing your Reminders app. It seamlessly integrates with Apple Reminders and syncs in real time, ensuring that LiveMinder is always up to date and keeps all your other iCloud-connected devices in sync.

Key Features:
  • Mark Reminders as complete directly from your lock screen or dynamic island, making it effortless to stay organized.
  • Create and manage new Reminders with ease.
  • ChatGPT and Generative AI integration!
  • Automatically create lists (ingredients, shopping, to-dos) using ChatGPT, for 100% free!
  • Streamline your task management by deleting Reminders effortlessly.
  • Experience live syncing with Apple Reminders and iCloud, ensuring your tasks are always synchronized across all devices.
  • Customize your Live Notification with custom colors & themes to fit your wallpaper & vibe!
  • Automate your LiveMinder experience with Siri Shortcuts for ultimate productivity.

Download LiveMinder now and unlock a world of productivity possibilities!

Frequently Asked Questions

What devices does Live Minder work on?

Any device running iOS 11 or iPadOS 11 or later can run Live Minder, however for the best results we recommend using iOS 16 or iPadOS 17 or later!

Are my reminders sent to your servers?

No! At Live Minder we take privacy and security very seriously (no bs 🙅). All Reminders created or accessed is private to you (ong), we only get activity data for analytics.

Who made Live Minder?

Live Minder is a property of Vibin LLC, a company run by Sethu Senthil a full stack developer who loves to make cool stuff ❤️

How can I support Live Minder?

Live Minder is a free application with no in-app purchases. If you want to support me, you can leave a review on the App Store or share Live Minder with your friends!

Do you plan to make Live Minder for Android?

Sure! If there is demand, I can easily port Live Minder to Android!

Is Live Minder open source?

No. Live Minder itself is not open source, however the underlying libraries I have built myself or contributed-to, to make live minder possible are open source! Such as: Flutter Fusion, Flutter Reminders, Is Pirated, Has Dynamic Island